Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Another Year Full Of..............


Friday, November 30, 2007

The High Priestess is on the Terrorist Watch List

The High Priestess is a person who is trustworthy, knowledgeable and wise, someone who has a message to give, a protector, a mentor who is looked upon for answers and truth. A good person we want to reach out to, to have on our side, to look to for solutions and whom as a society, we protect. One such person in our world today is Naomi Wolf.

If we know that the High Priestess is good and our side, then why is Naomi Wolf on the United States Government Terrorist list? In her company are also; Richard Murphy, a Princeton University Scholar who is against Bush's assault on the Constitution, two little old ladies who run "War Times", the leader of Green Peace, ACLU leaders and many other's who speak out against oppression and violation of people's liberties.

Can someone please tell me why these people are on the list, specifically someone who supports the continued gnawing of our constitution (FISA, torture, prisoners with no charges, etc) and are on the Bush administration's side. If this is supposed to protect us from terrorists, why, why, why are the High Priestesses, our protectors, on the terror watch list?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Cure for the Coming Winter Solstice from

On December 22, 2007 the ensuing dark days arrive, it is a time that traditionally, dating back thousands of years, has been looked upon with dread. The upcoming cold and hard winter , combined with minimal day light, was enough to call upon everyone to unite and prepare. All religions and traditions partake in rituals and ceremonies because of this, just take a look in Wikipedia for a list. Even Christmas rituals have preserved much of the folklore and traditions of local pagan festivals, which were directly tied to the winter Solstice. The traditional belief is that the Winter Solstice represents rebirth or new beginning. Today, we may not need to kill the cattle, prepare dried meats, or grains to hold us over through winter, but we are still subjected to the psychological gloom inflicted by shorter days.

Even in the world of Tarot, this day represents the Close, meaning death and a time for rebirth. This card is scary and can be bad depending on the position and layout, but everyone needs a change, the end of a phase and the start of something new. Out with the old and in with the new. So to get into the spirit of the day, I recommend performing either the "Safeguard Health and Home" or the "Ensure Goal" spells. Also, do a reading to see what is coming your way, this will show up in your"Final Outcome". Finally, it is an absolute must to light up your day with lots of candlelight and love.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

SpellSpace Survives the Lake Arrowhead Fires!

The morning of October 22nd we were awaken by a phone call alerting us of a fire on our mountain, and that voluntary evacuations were being proposed. I immediately do a search for "Lake Arrowhead Fire" and the front page news on is SpellSpace's Press Release "SpellSpace: A New Website With a Fresh Take on the Old Art of Tarot" . I had also just blogged a comment "Our World is Melting" about waking up to this fact only when it personally affects us. I must admit my reading the night before did show the Tower under current situation. Coincidences?

As the day progressed the threat level was raised and mandatory evacuations were imposed. Through it all, SpellSpace was safely relocated"down the hill" temporarily, averting any down time! We were allowed to return on Sunday afternoon and our place was spared from fire, though we do have some friends who lost their homes. Thanks to everyone who offered us good wishes, we are back in our little place of paradise.

The experts advise us to expect more fires, more drought, more global warming impacts. No, I don't think it is coincidence, I think it is inevitable. A feeling that something is coming, because of what we have done. We do Tarot Readings to see what we already know, so we can make changes. It is up to us to make changes. It is all about cause and effect..... Karma.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

SpellSpace: A New Website With a Fresh Take on the Old Art of Tarot

LAKE ARROWHEAD, Calif., Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ is an artistic, realistic and high tech site, which recently announced its debut on the web, bringing a fresh take on an old art. A single word was searched more than 350,000[1] times on the Internet last month. It wasn’t a typical word, one related to finding directions, doing research or even shopping. It revealed that many people are seeking personal advice and help, but not from a psychiatrist, physician or therapist. No, these searches consulted a more mystical source. The word was “Tarot”.

Clearly many are intrigued by the ancient practice of tarot, but how many have actually tried it? Face it, going into some dark den on the other side of town and hearing the future from a stranger, seems risky, if not an outright scam. But getting a tarot reading on the Internet can feel like making a detour around the bad side of town and meeting privately with a reputable tarot reader.

There are more than 1,200[2] tarot sites in North America, providing a range of services from free but limited online tarot readings, to a live chat session with a psychic, to a full-fledge but often expensive online membership service. The top tarot sites claim to have more than 1.8[3] million unique visitors a month, but are typically loaded with pop-up ads and teaser services that result in expensive recurring fees. The smaller tarot sites, meanwhile, lurk in the darker corners of witchcraft and voodoo. So even on the web, it can still feel like stumbling onto a seedy, neon-lit alley full of dicey psychics and all-night card reader parlors.

And then there’s SpellSpace, where the difficult skill of tarot has been duplicated and presented in a way that is friendly, inviting and real. And completely free. is authentic: the designer went as far as scanning her own old well-worn tarot cards into the website. is interactive: the developer used a mathematical randomization method that mimics the shuffling of real tarot cards, responding to every click. Unlike the majority of sites, which only present a few pre-packaged outcomes, the database-driven tarot readings at derive from the intuitions of an experienced psychic that result in tens of thousands of unique outcomes.

To the novice, this level of authenticity may not be that important, but for the aficionado it is everything. No matter what the level of interest, after a tarot reading many guests describe a feeling of being both understood and well-advised. Read some of the reviews:
à “I'm sometimes in awe at the deep insight and accuracy of your tarot readings!” E.L., AZ
à “The site is easy to use and visually appealing. My reading was very accurate given what is going on in my life right now both personally and professionally”. J.P., RI
à "I went to your site and totally enjoyed it. Says I MUST leave my current job! How true." D.R., PA
à “It didn't ask anything about who I was, and yet it was scary accurate about me, all the way down to my physical description.” C.P.,

Just a few tarot readings convince almost everyone as well. And it doesn’t just stop there. generates a list of unique spells related to the personalized tarot reading to help with love, career or even luck. Tarot readings can be saved, tracked, annotated, viewed for trends or shared with friends. There is also an online shopping cart, the SpellStore, where tarot cards, spells, and potions, can be purchased.

So believers or non-believers, tarot experts or novices or simply the curious can discover an artistic, interactive place to explore tarot and maybe even try a spell or two, without ever having to cross the tracks to the wrong side of town ... or of the Internet.

[1] SEO Chat, Overture Database – Yahoo Search Engine only

[2] Open Directory, The largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web

[3] Compete, Web traffic graphs and details

Friday, October 12, 2007

Our World is Melting

I love the tarot arcana card "The World". When you get this card it represents having the world at your fingertips, being in control of your world, having power over the direction of your life. So maybe it's because most do not see beyond their immediate needs and surroundings that we don't do something about taking care of the earth, conservation, global warming. Some are in denial about the impact we humans are having on our environment, or are they taking an easy way out? I can't say that. I realize that there are people in this world who can only think about where they are going to sleep or what they are going to eat. Our immediate world is at us daily, through work, family, friends, relationships, careers, survival. It's not that we don't care, it's that we are not being impacted...... yet. When will we be forced to face it, to face millions of deaths due to weather, floods, pollution. Well the news is out and the scientist were wrong, it is much, much worst than predicted. I don't know yet, what it means, but look at this pic, notice the ice cap melted away. It is melting, our world is melting, and we do care, but we just don't act.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Well, I did a Tarot Reading for Britney Spears and this is what I see:

Britney, I used your official web site in order to get a connection from you, and this is what I get. If it doesn’t sound like you, then I didn’t get through. It is difficult to get through unless you are talking directly with the person. Here it goes:

Current SituationsWhat is going on right now in your life: Actually not bad.

There is love in your home and family specifically as it relates to a very close friend. Someone you know and have trusted for a long time. You know they are loyal and make it possible for your home life to be happy.
Financial success through a new project you are working on. No matter what the media is saying, your financial situation is pretty good. Amazingly good.
You will conquer your struggle between the spiritual and material world. It means that you are in control of your life right now. So all that crap in the media, making assumptions, are wrong. At least at this moment.

Outcome of these Current Situations – Caution

There is true love, but it is not real and an illusion. Be careful and protect yourself, financially and emotionally. There is much work and effort ahead, which is needed to succeed.

Behind you or in Your Past – Not good

There is quarrel and struggle resulting in a spiritual move or change. There is also a person who is career minded and will sacrifice anything to achieve his aims. This person can be a great friend if they are on your side, as they will defend you to the end, but watch out if they are an adversary.

The Foundation or What was foremost in Thought as the cards were laid out – Not good. This is directly in relation to the words in your website “I apologize to the pap for a stunt that was done 4 months ago regarding an umbrella…… + name upcoming album.”

This is centered around a person who is a leader, wise and intelligent. May be male or female but very masculine and is full of ideas. Probably the one who is working on the album or the movie you tried out for.. Anyway, it’s not good. There is worry, despair and suffering, resulting in regret.

You immediate future (next few days) – Interesting not bad

Nothing much will happen in the next few days, in fact it will be stagnant and possibly some ideas or projects will come to an end. There is also a legal matter at hand, but again, nothing will be solved.

The cards see you as – this is bad, Britney be careful
First, this is not real, it is what you are doing to yourself. STOP it!
You are on guard and ready for battle. You don’t trust people around you. You are at the center of dishonor, you feel defeated and at a loss. You want to lose control and go on a binge to forget about your problems.

Your strengths – This is what you need to call on to recover
You are remarkably strong and dominant, and thus can influence others around you. Because of this you are able to succeed. You are able to take change easily and come up with new ideas or a new path. At the center of your strength is a young person who is quiet and meditative.

Your advice – this is how you go about resolving the pressing problems

There is a person in your life who is somewhat distant but wise. This feminine person represents a bad and traumatic change for you. Don't listen to this person. You know who or what this is. Get away and protect yourself from this person, if not, they will cause your defeat. Again, the cards indicate you are psychic or you know exactly who this is.

Your final outcome (future) – next few weeks or months) So sorry to say not good.

You will be very upset about an outcome tied to a Judge. This is the loss of something you value. It is something you brought onto yourself.

Overall Impression – Fair
Britney, you have some really good things in your life and you need to use those as a crutch to get by, because there are some things working hard against you. Get control of your life and make changes in the right direction. The cards indicate that you know what needs to be done. Don’t lose control and let the those who are against you win.
Reading by Tess of
Anyone can get unlimited free readings at The readings you receive are similar to this reading I did for Britney. Save your readings to history and make notes and rate them. Additionally you can buy potions and spells to help with all areas in your life. I will start doing readings for important people in the news. If there is someone you are interested in hearing about, let me know. Lets see how things turn out for everyone.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Christ Figure Has Been Around for Thousands of Years BC

This film does go a bit far, but I found the first part interesting. Specifically the story about a Christ being born of a Virgin, a bright star, the resurrection, 12 disciples, and this story being told thousand of years BC, and this all appears to be tied to Astrology. Can it be that simple? The sun is God, it brings warmth and when the sun is gone, there is darkness and cold? Powerful people use this to enslave and control, and it is called "religion".

My love, Dave has recommended reading the following 2 books for a scientific perspective:
"The Origins of Consciousness In the Break Down of the Bicameral Mind" by Julian Jaynes and
"The Hero With A Thousand Faces" by Joseph Campbell

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tarot Card Video by Madonna

This is a beautiful representation of Tarot cards. Enter the magical world of Tarot as you enter inside the individual cards listening to Madona's music.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

What Does The Future Hold? Check Out

Do tarot cards really provide the answers? I have been doing cards now for several years, and even though I do this for entertainment purposes, I find that the predictions always are amazingly true. I learned from a babysitter who learned from her Grandmother 20 years before me. Using her Grandmother's tattered old cards, she would do readings and every time, it would freak me out, how did she know? I learned and started doing cards myself, though strange and unexplainable, I know what to expect in situations. So many skeptics though! I would like to prove that tarot does not follow the laws of science, and that there is something to it.

We have created the website, which designates a reading as bad through great. In order to perform a successful test, I think we need to:
1. Determine how many users, and length of time would be an acceptable test.
2. Identify users who have consistently positive and good lives, and select their results in our study. (or users with consistently negative lives).
3. Over time these "positive" or "negative" tarot card users should eventually even out to a mathematical consistent and look no different than everyone else.
4. Need a mathematician to look at the program to ensure that the algorithms used are truly random. Also determine what "over time" would be acceptable, 6 months, 1 year, several years?
Do you think this is valid? Any other thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Check out he history page of the website, it has a readings trend graphic. This should give you an idea of what we propose. site: . I will provide updates, as we begin this test.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Bush Apologizes!

Unheard of, but true, Bush calls Roberta Stewart and apologizes for being snubbed.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wiccan Widow Not Invited by Bush

Roberta Stewart is the one who fought and successfully won to have a Pentacle placed on her husband's tombstone. She plans to release a documentary film "A Hero Denied" to educate people on the tolerance of religion. She is widow of Sgt. Patrick Stewart, but was not invited to a visit Bush had planned to Nevada, even though other widows were. She is quite out-spoken about this, thus feels she was purposely overlooked. You can follow this story in

I find it interesting that Pagan's felt Christianity was a cult and would not survive. The intolerance towards women and mere thought of a torturing hell were some "scary" practices. They were sure this religion would simply go away. Was it a mistake to keep quiet about Christianity? Does Scientology seem weird to us, as it did to Pagans? Who knows maybe 200 years from now we will be honoring an alien God. Religions, all religions are good, so long as it does not provide opinion and rules which extinguish your connection with any human or earthly thing. I don't think such religion exists. Some may come close, Buddhism and Paganism?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Scientists interpret physics behind invisibility cloaks from
Is a perfect invisible cloak theoretically possible? Are there certain wavelengths—such as those in the visible spectrum—that can’t be made invisible? How will using imperfect materials affect the performance of a cloak? Scientists from Zhejiang University and MIT have recently analyzed the physics behind invisibility cloaks in an attempt to answer some of these questions.