Saturday, September 1, 2007

What Does The Future Hold? Check Out

Do tarot cards really provide the answers? I have been doing cards now for several years, and even though I do this for entertainment purposes, I find that the predictions always are amazingly true. I learned from a babysitter who learned from her Grandmother 20 years before me. Using her Grandmother's tattered old cards, she would do readings and every time, it would freak me out, how did she know? I learned and started doing cards myself, though strange and unexplainable, I know what to expect in situations. So many skeptics though! I would like to prove that tarot does not follow the laws of science, and that there is something to it.

We have created the website, which designates a reading as bad through great. In order to perform a successful test, I think we need to:
1. Determine how many users, and length of time would be an acceptable test.
2. Identify users who have consistently positive and good lives, and select their results in our study. (or users with consistently negative lives).
3. Over time these "positive" or "negative" tarot card users should eventually even out to a mathematical consistent and look no different than everyone else.
4. Need a mathematician to look at the program to ensure that the algorithms used are truly random. Also determine what "over time" would be acceptable, 6 months, 1 year, several years?
Do you think this is valid? Any other thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Check out he history page of the website, it has a readings trend graphic. This should give you an idea of what we propose. site: . I will provide updates, as we begin this test.

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