Friday, October 12, 2007

Our World is Melting

I love the tarot arcana card "The World". When you get this card it represents having the world at your fingertips, being in control of your world, having power over the direction of your life. So maybe it's because most do not see beyond their immediate needs and surroundings that we don't do something about taking care of the earth, conservation, global warming. Some are in denial about the impact we humans are having on our environment, or are they taking an easy way out? I can't say that. I realize that there are people in this world who can only think about where they are going to sleep or what they are going to eat. Our immediate world is at us daily, through work, family, friends, relationships, careers, survival. It's not that we don't care, it's that we are not being impacted...... yet. When will we be forced to face it, to face millions of deaths due to weather, floods, pollution. Well the news is out and the scientist were wrong, it is much, much worst than predicted. I don't know yet, what it means, but look at this pic, notice the ice cap melted away. It is melting, our world is melting, and we do care, but we just don't act.

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