Thursday, November 1, 2007

SpellSpace Survives the Lake Arrowhead Fires!

The morning of October 22nd we were awaken by a phone call alerting us of a fire on our mountain, and that voluntary evacuations were being proposed. I immediately do a search for "Lake Arrowhead Fire" and the front page news on is SpellSpace's Press Release "SpellSpace: A New Website With a Fresh Take on the Old Art of Tarot" . I had also just blogged a comment "Our World is Melting" about waking up to this fact only when it personally affects us. I must admit my reading the night before did show the Tower under current situation. Coincidences?

As the day progressed the threat level was raised and mandatory evacuations were imposed. Through it all, SpellSpace was safely relocated"down the hill" temporarily, averting any down time! We were allowed to return on Sunday afternoon and our place was spared from fire, though we do have some friends who lost their homes. Thanks to everyone who offered us good wishes, we are back in our little place of paradise.

The experts advise us to expect more fires, more drought, more global warming impacts. No, I don't think it is coincidence, I think it is inevitable. A feeling that something is coming, because of what we have done. We do Tarot Readings to see what we already know, so we can make changes. It is up to us to make changes. It is all about cause and effect..... Karma.

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