Friday, February 1, 2008

You must make changes now, this is why you do a tarot reading......

The benefits of doing tarot readings is to avert or prepare for trouble, but you need to act and make changes. It is amazing to me as to how accurate my readings are. When I do my own readings, I evaluate and make changes that are needed. Things don't turn out as bad or I am simply more prepared to face them. Wow, wouldn't that be nice for everyone?

I am really sorry to hear that things have not turned out well for Britney. I did her reading in September 2007 (check my archive) and specifically said she was in deep trouble unless she changes things. Amazing and contrary to what everyone is saying, that she is "bi-polar" or "exhausted", it is simply not true. Her evil stems from certain people in her life and she knows who they are. It appears they are winning, one such person was thought to be very close to her, but is really the root of all her troubles. How scary to be committed involuntarily!

When we created, we provided the ability to save your readings and watch trends and make notes. You can gage where you life is going and if there are reocurring issues. This is so that you can control and change situations. You may not believe in this metaphsysical stuff, but it is weird how it just works. I can't explain it scientifically yet, but one day I will. why not try it?

PS.. no more readings for Britney, or anyone who does not ask directly.

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Dee said...

Your readings are very insightful, however, some people only want to hear what they want to hear. You most likely were 100% accurate about Britney, but she is young and it will take a long time for realization of the "truth" to sink in.