Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Prediction for President According to the Cards

I decided to do tarot readings for the top Presidential candidates to get an idea who will become President of the United States. I don't think it is clear yet, and what I do see is disappointing, but I am hoping that advice is taken to change the perceived fate according to the cards. Note that I only focused on the political part of the candidates' lives and even though thia are intertwined with day-to-day life, I will only provide information relating to the political aspects.

First. I believe that Hillary Clinton will lose the Democratic nomination. She received stalemate, meaning it will be a very close race, just as it has been, so there will be no overwhelming surge going toward Obama. She receives the devil or temptation, which is bad. This indicates that her campaign will be dirty to the end at all costs, resulting in new schemes or a new plan. This leads me to believe she is out. The future may be too far out to tell, and the new schemes can indicate a complete change in direction of her campaign. Though I don't believe this is the case because of Barack's final outcome.

Here there is some defeat or ruin. I believe this is due to all the tough and ugly attacks on Obama. He may even question why he is going through this, but his love and hope for this country will keep him strong and determined to succeed and he will, through new opportunities, great backing or support. Barack will not be alone, many will come out on his side and the final result is really hard work. Exhaustive work. The campaign against McCain will be a monumental challenge. It won't be too dirty, but the war and defense of our country will be the most important topic, one that will be difficult for Obama to prevail over. Though the final outcome is not quite clear, what I see in McCain's reading leads me to believe that he will succeed.

No surprise: McCain will be all about defense, the war and looking quite valiant and strong. The people will look to McCain as the leader who will get us through many battles. I believe something else is coming besides the current Iraq war, because there were swords all over his reading. His final outcome showed him being practical and wise, but there is also stalemate, meaning no changes to what we are seeing now. This all leads to the SUN which means achieving success. Again, this may be early and it could indicate that he will be running a very successful campaign and the outcome is too early to tell. Getting the SUN as a final outcome is pretty indicative of a great result.

My overall impression is that it is too early to tell. I am also really worried about fear being used successfully again to continue driving our country deeper into the ditch of failure. I am hopeful that Obama's campaign can continue its ingenious program and gain the support and trust of more Americans. His best bet will probably be to get new and young voters to register and come out in huge numbers to out-vote the more fearful people. I also believe that Barack Obama needs to demonstrate to the American people that he can lead a successful war and protect us better than John McCain can. If anyone can do this, Barack can.

After June, I will do the two nominees' readings again to get a much clearer picture.

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