Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Ancient Secret of the Magic of Herbs

When I was 8 years old I lived in Mexico for 2 years, where I learned there are so many secrets to the remedies and nurturing that herbs and other earth elements give us. We lived in a yucky desert town south of Zacatecas. Yucky, because it was dust covered, very hot and full of bugs. Though as a kid I thought is was so much fun! One of the big events was when we went on a family picnic, and what I mean by family is, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, in laws, neighbors, etc. Get this, we didn't have many cars so everyone would carry a basket full of stuff or whatever was needed and we walked to our destination to the tree lined river, (about 2 miles). What I remember quite fondly, that still stands out in my mind many years later, are the lessons my aunt Ignacia would tell me as we walked. "See that weed? The one with the little yellow flowers? That one is good for bad tummy aches." There were so many lessons that it was difficult to keep track, if only I would have stayed there to finish my lessons! My trip to Mexico was my parents desire for us to learn a different culture and language and I am really thankful for that. Incredible, but when I set up the SpellStore at SpellSpace Tarot & Spells and started researching about herbs and elements, I was so surprised to learn that many of those lessons about herb remedies I learned from Aunt Ignacia have been used for hundreds of years! So I feel happy and content when I put Jasmine, Rue, Mugwort or Balm of Gilead root, etc. in my spells and store, because they bring real tradition and love.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Next Tuesday Barack Obama Will Win Beautifully

I was asked to consult the cards to find out what will happen on Tuesday with Obama. I will cover the highlights.

Obama's Strenghts - Mother earth, a person who is a strong feminine career woman, mother and leader (I think this is Michele), status quo but taking advantage of that. Going against the gran and status quo are Barack Obama' strengths.

The advice given is- to take risks and even if others are not behind you or it is considered to be against the grain. Continue to work hard and you will achieve the impossible, and finally rely on your hopes and dreams.

The final outcome, or Tuesday will be an enlightening contest for Barack. There will be struggle, a battle, but the end result is the lovers, which I think is beautiful. Though this does not represent an overwhelming victory on Tuesday, what it means is lasting perfection and attraction. Barack Obama will be the enthusiastic and committed choice of the super delegates and others. What was even more interesting was there were some cards that popped out ahead of the reading. This showed that someone will be coming out for Barack Obama ahead of the election, this person(s) will make a difference.