Friday, August 22, 2008

Barack Obama's VP Choice and the Look Ahead

The anticipation of hearing from Barack Obama about his Vice-Presidential choice and the impact this choice will have on the campaigning road ahead, pushed me into consulting the cards. I don't really know who the potential candidates are, so I can't be certain who the cards are referring to, but I can describe this person. I will provide a brief overview of what I see in Barack's VP choice, then the selection and what to expect the days ahead.

Behind him is guidance (learning something important), some defeat and assistance. Currently his political world shows a time to come out from a hermit situation, several difficult choices, and consulting with a feminine person, who is an old friend. This describes what Barack has been focusing on to get his VP decision.

What comes out of this decision is a masculine person who is knowledgeable (leader in his field or skill, someone who people look up to), this person is methodical, lines things up, works hard to make sure the job gets done and finally, this person is a powerful person with great determination. Possibly someone involved or knowledgeable with the law and a protector. He or she is the "King of Swords". Why do I think it is someone like Colin Powell or maybe even Hillary Clinton? Though later in the cards, it indicates that Barack sees this person as someone who is well rounded, not just military or politics.

The initial results from his VP selection result in taking advantage of this VP announcement, being very strong (this is good, getting control) and "karma". Meaning it was meant to be, cause and effect. (who is this?)

Barack worked hard in coming to his decision though there are some regrets. This decision will allow him to be all encompassing and doing the impossible. This is why I don't think this VP is strong in one specific thing, like the military or foreign policy, but many things.

The final outcome and what to expect with his choice are, "the sun", "four of cauldrons" and "five of rods". What this means is that his choice is going to be EXCELLENT. The sun means everything great, everything. Four of cauldrons means getting unexpected help from someone of power, a different approach to old problems. (interesting, could it be a Republican VP? - what could be a different approach. Anyway, the final card means a battle and struggle. Though it's not a bloody and vengeful battle, but one of defending wishes and ambition.

After the conventions I will delve into my prediction for the winner of the Presidency of the United States.

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tess said...

It's Biden. The King of Swords, it makes sense now. He was a lawyer before.