Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin, Born Feb 11th She Is "Justice Reversed". Represents Lies, Abuse and Prejudice.

The Republican convention really upset me because of all the lies. It seems to me the RNC can only win on a lie. I gathered some of the facts. There was also a woman (friend of Carly Fiorina) who indicated that the President of the US has no power over the free-choice issue, so even though she was with Hilary and believed in pro-choice, she is with McCain now. What she failed to note is that the President can chose the next 3 supreme court justices so far right that they will overturn Roe vs. Wade, and who knows what else in the name of GOD! and... I mean in the name of God as Governor Palin has tried to do so in her previous admininstrations.

Vetting VP
· McCain said they had vetted Palin for weeks, but the truth has surfaced and indicates that McCain made a quick harsh decision in one day, which is why all this crap is coming up about her. Palin has a 20% chance of becoming President of the US and they didn’t do a background check??? How scary is that, check out all that has come out about her below, here is the source about the vetting process: &

Reformer and Anti-Washington –Not!
· On Governor Palin being a reformer and anti-Washington. Complete BS, here is information about her earmarks and taxes in her own state –

o 1st ever mayor to bring big politics to a small town ($27M for a town of 9K):

o Real Tax Plans:

Gods Mission and Women’s Issues
· On free choice, banning of books in library, no sex ed in schools and cut funding for teenage pregnant mothers:

o Banning Books- &,8816,1837918,00.html ,

o Cut Fundiing- ,

o Oppose sex-ed-

o anti-choice even in cases of rape and incest-

o Palin on US being the Gods army to bring the message in Iraq and across the world and Jewish are the enemies of Christians: videos about the Jews (was taken off line yesterday).

o Opposes the use of birth control and condoms -

· Does not believe global warming is contributed by man, sued to remove the polar bear from endangered species because it will interfere with oil industry efforts:

o Global warming - .

o On polar bears -
o On drilling liabilities -
o Arial Hunting using government funds to educate people but won’t help teenage mothers??? -

Lies About Obama:
· Said Obama has never authored a bill or law. LIES!

o First Obama bill was passed into law back in October 2006, signed by Bush:

o Senator Obama has sponsored or co-sponsored 570 bills in the 109th and 110th Congress.

o Senator Obama has sponsored or co-sponsored 15 bills that have become LAW since he joined the Senate in 2005.

o Senator Obama has also introduced amendments to 50 bills, of which 16 were adopted by the Senate. Details for all 3 -

o Really good visual of the type of bills he has introduces and voted on -

o Obama will cut taxes for people making under $250K (about 95% of the population) and increase on those making over $650 (attached is the pic) while McCain cuts it for the top with minimal cuts at the bottom.

o Voting record, Obama missed 45% of votes :

o Here is McCain’s record, he missed 68% of votes-

· This is why there are so many rumors about her covering up her daughters pregnancy, taking her daughter out of school because of mono for 5-8 months during the time of Trig’s birth.

o Palin really poor judgment:


· She has a track record going back to when she was mayor of a town of 7K.

o Of course there is “Troopergate”, abuse of power trying to fire her x-brother in-law. McCain attorney’s trying to stall because the evidence appears to be compelling. Decision is due October 31st, could be detrimental to the Republicans right before election:

o Palin on ethics, firing those who did not support her (never heard of in a small town):

o Attempted recall due to the firings -

o Lying about the “bridge to nowhere”, which she supported until it became a joke -

Money spent on senseless failing programs. Granted she was new to this and is probably learning, but has she learned enough to be President of the US in just 2 years being Governor of the least populated state of the union? Absolutely no foreign policy experience. Only traveled abroad once in 2007.
o Dairygate -

o Leaving town with $20M debt -
o Quote about not prepared by own Alaskan colleagues -

This is just some of the stuff, there is a lot more, but I only picked the ones that I felt were important and I sources for.


TX Poppet said...

Wow! I think you covered it! Fantastic post.

tess said...
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tess said...

About Banning books - there IS NO list that Palin provided to the librarian, this was a fabricated lie, I think to sway the issue. The fact remains that Sarah Palin asked the city Librarian on 3 different occasions if she would ban some books. She refused and Palin was going to terminate her. The town people intervened and the termination letter was retracted. Fact remains, she wanted books banned. (Here is the Alaska news article - )

Anonymous said...

Excellent research. I too am tired of the lies and spin doctoring done by the Republicans. I live in CA and new ads are being played by McCain that say if elected Obama will raise taxes. NOT TRUE! Read
And frankly Palin scares me. She is such a conservative republican and walks and talks the conservative republican party line. As HRC says "No way, No how, No MaCain/Palin!" We don't need 4 more years of republicans in the White House!

tess said...

Interesting polls for 9/9/08 about Sarah Palin rating in her state of Alaska:

Most popular Governor in all states- NOT!!!!

Rasmussen, 9/9/08 (from registration-restricted crosstabs, likely voters):

Among all voters:

39% very favorable
17% somewhat favorable
14% somewhat unfavorable
26% very unfavorable

Gee, approval ratings are just a few points off of 60% for the "wildly popular governor." But, let's look a little closer at those numbers. Conservatives love her, but what about moderates? Those numbers paint a different picture:

20% very favorable
15% somewhat favorable
26% somewhat unfavorable
35% very unfavorable
3% not sure

Only 35% of moderates view her favorably. In other words, among this key block of voters, Pinocchio Palin is doing about as well as President Bush. For comparison purposes, Joe Biden is viewed favorably by 70% of moderates.

(cmack17 wrote)

Anonymous said...

Scathing video about Sarah Palin's wish to ban or censor some books in her small town of Wasilla..