Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The United States Economy and Where It's Headed

Are we in for a deep depression, similar to the 30's? All this doomsday economy talk from many analysts such as Paul Krugman, compelled me to do a tarot reading. Again, I had to immerse myself in articles about the economy and concentrate deeply as I shuffled and laid out the cards. This is what we should expect in the next few months.

I can say that for some of us, it's not going to be that bad. So it will not be like a 1930's depression.

Currently, there are those who are doing pretty good and those who are doing pretty bad. Fortuna is hitting families and they are landing on either side of the wheel. If you have a good skill and job, it will be pretty much remain staus quo. The cards indicate that families are preparing not for a war, but for survival.

Behind us are many choices and opportunities, reveling in the abundance of a good life, celebrating with friend, but this coming to an end.

The foundation for the reading, what keeps our economy alive now, is opportunity, reaching out to everything good and being on guard. Interesting, there are opportunities out there still. People continue to start businesses, get loans, and make it. Our economy is far from death.

The outcome of what is going on now in the economy, is many messages, suggestions, as well as reaching out to the past. So basically there are a lot of unknowns, many thoughts, recommendations, and discussions.

The immediate outcome from these messengers, will bring the King of Swords, the Magician and the Knight of Rods, which indicate strength, a battle and lots of work. Making the impossible come true, through determination, courage and a journey. We will journey into the unknown with sword and rod to ensure success.

The cards see the economy as The Fool - foolish and taking risks no matter what, birth - the start of something new and separation, a complete disconnect. It seems to me that our economy is evolving into something new. The economy is in another place, away from where it needs to be. It is suffering, but it's not disastrous. Opportunity and success can be achieved.

Our strength now is guidance, opportunities and starting a project, through growth or leadership. It is imperative that we start projects, give life to real opportunity. This is our strength.

The answer and advice to our economic situation are first to move on to a new place or a new agenda, and reflect on how we got here. Finally keep on eye on the financial success we want. We must directly focus on the financial success, not the project but the money side of it. This should be the main focus on all the projects. So yes, infrastructure projects may add jobs, but how will this financially affect our economy? If it doesn't help, then put the money into something else.

What we can expect in 6 to 12 months are grief, turmoil and defeat, hording money or being financially conservative and being wise and practical. So, I can say that this will not be a 1930's depression, but a difficult time for many. It is not the end of America as some have suggested, but we will have hard times. Though, nothing like the Great Depression. The Tower did show up as I was shuffling the cards, it ended up at the bottom of the deck, so the thought and suggestion is there, but at least for now, we will probably avoid it.

This is what we will surely see in the next year. Practicality and wisdom. I am so glad President Barack Obama will be in control.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

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