Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ostara Time of Growth

We look to the East and the dawn of day to invite the Spring Goddess who brings fertility, prosperity, and growth. The origins of Easter come from the pagan Ostara (Eostre) season of the Spring Goddess. During this time, we plant our seeds and care for them in anticipation of their fruit that sustains our life. Thus it is a time of celebration and adoration of what Mother Earth, the Spring Goddess brings, in this season of Ostara.

Not only is this the time of growth and fertility, but also a time of balance. The days are neither long nor short, they are just right. A time for harmony, but also a time of rebirth. Everyone gets a second chance, as we leave the cooler months of winter behind us. How does one prepare?

Colors: Pastels of all colors. Plant spring flowers and surround your environment. Place colorful wreaths of flowers upon your head and thank the Goddess.

Birth: New births; babies, kitties, puppies, bunnies. Use baby figurines, green candles, seeds to attract a beginning or rebirth.

Growth: Watch your seedlings sprout. Start a new project, a new business venture, or even a new relationship.

Herbs: Use Basil to attract growth and prosperity, Holly Leaves to invite good fortune, Fenugreek for fertility and riches, Galangal Root for good luck, Lavender as an aphrodisiac, Olive leaves to overcome battles, Rue to attract customers, and Vervain to become prosperous.

Here is more information on how to perform your own Ostara Birthing Ritual.

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