Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Finally An Amazing New Age Website That Offers Tarot, Spells, Horoscope and Live Interaction with Others

There are 35 million people in North America who actively seek psychics, yet thousands of New Age/Metaphysical websites fall short of meeting interested user’s needs, until now. SpellSpace member’s can now chat while doing real-time tarot readings that can be saved and reviewed as intuitive trend charts. They view other members’ psychic profiles, complete with horoscope, birthday tarot significance, last reading and spell, personal greeting and metaphysical statistics. If members like what they see, they can invite someone to join their Tarot Room®. Each reading reveals elegant personalized spell recommendations from the SpellStore to enhance love, work situation, or even luck, along with hundreds of other magical potions and products.

SpellSpace combines cutting-edge technology with elegance, beauty and true psychic power to unleash the ancient art of tarot for all, and is available in both English and Spanish. Though that is only some of the amazing features offers. Here are details of all the fun at SpellSpace. Follow each step, it's easy to use and like all the other members, you'll "love it"!

1. First, after you log onto SpellSpace, set up your Personal Profile.

2. Make sure to have at least one Tarot Reading saved. If not, do a new reading and save it.

3. Make a Diary entry into your reading, buy a Spell or other Product, connect with a Psychic in your Recommended Spells page.

4. View your History to rate the reading, add aditional entries and view your trends.

5. Check out your personal private Diary to view entries or add more thoughts.

6. All this fun and you have not even done the social interaction yet! Let's find and accept some friends in your profile page. Accept friend requests, ignore, hide offline, and view emailed friends.

7. Find and invite friends under "Find Friends". Search using name, online, gender, horoscope sign, tarot knowledge, age-group, relationship status, me-word or email address.

8. If your friend is not a member yet, send them an email friend invitation. Once they join, they will receive your request and will automatically show up as "Accepted" friend in your list.

9. Now that you have friends, lets invite them to a Tarot Room®! When you first enter the Tarot Room Switchboard, it will have the "Enter Tarot Rooms®" box open and show Tarot Room invitations, if any and live rooms. Click on the "Build Tarot Room®" link below that to get started.

10. Find members, friends, using filters or email search on the left. Then select friend row and drag them to the right box and click on "Create Tarot Room®".

11. Congratulations you have created a Tarot Room®! Wait for your guests to arrive or invite any voyeurs who may join, go through your reading, chat with people in your room and save.

12. Now find a Tarot Room® and either Join as a Guest where you can chat or View as a voyeur.

13. The best for last, the MySpellSpace Psychic profiles. View other member profiles, make them your friend, invite to, or enter a Tarot Room. It's fun just to see everyone's profile, view their readings, trends, friends information, stats.

Hope you enjoyed this walk-through, please tell your friends about SpellSpace. The more people we have on site, the more rooms and friends to meet. Would love to hear any comments, or suggestions. Plus, if you refer 3 new members from your "Find Friends" email invitation, you get 1 month FREE Premium membership. is nothing like anything you have ever seen before on the Internet and it is for everyone, whether you are curious, a novice and apprentice or connoisseur, you will love SpellSpace.

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