Thursday, October 7, 2010

With it's Next Release, Facebook Is In For A Big Surprise

In anticipation of the new Facebook that Mark Zuckerberg has on "Lockdown" and which will be unveiled very soon, I created a SpellSpace Facebook page. I did that because I just found out Facebook was born on my birthday. Facebook is an Aquarius born February 1st and I love it like a brother now.

I did an online SpellSpace tarot reading impersonating Facebook, hey we are practically twins! Apparently Mr. Zuckerberg has been keeping quiet about the new look and features, but his objective is to bring everyone onto Facebook. Even those last hold outs. Rumors indicate it includes a new look and group chatting. Sounds similar to SpellSpace's Tarot Rooms® where up to 5 people view a reading while chatting and another unlimited members can observe. Here is what the cards say about Facebook's new release:

The immediate impression of the reading is that Facebook should be more reflective about its own significance. 1- Facebook is not the leader, but the people who make it and 2 - it is in for a big surprise, and to be prepared.

The final outcome indicates dominance and leadership. Also could indicate being over bearing and controlling. Yes, the Facebook is in control but also a warning:
Careful not to push your power around, as they are wise and more knowledgeable than you. I believe the "they" is us.

There was also a special meaning: Facebook knows what is going to happen. What is in its gut, and what it thinks is going on, is. Be prepared.

So Zuckenberg may be right about this new Facebook, according to the cards. Maybe this release won't be so bad, and will bring everyone who's left to their dark side after all.

Look at the entire Facebook reading at: SpellSpace access their MySpellSpace page by searching for the nickname "facebook" then click on the hyperlink.