Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Prediction for Winner of the US Presidency

Got in my zen mood yesterday (drinking a beer helped), sequestered myself into a private quiet room, and concentrated deeply on both candidates to determine who will become the next President of the United States. I used my original, well worn and energized tarot cards and started by logging onto each of the candidates websites. I watched their videos one at at time, until I was able to feel their connection. The cards say both candidates are good people but are very different. John McCain really does care and loves his family, he bares no harm or evil. Barack Obama is seen as a highly intelligent, worldly, wise and strong leader who can be trusted. I describe what to expect in each of the campaigns, the next few weeks leading to the election, and finally who will be President. I begin with John McCain, then Barack Obama, their final outcomes and my prediction.

Ace Cauldons/The Star = Great Joy resulting from Wishes Coming True.
Six Pentacles/Fortuna = Being generous about this situation, but the results is not set, could be good or bad.
King Pentacles/Temptation = An experienced leader who is shrewd, well established and intelligent is being influenced by bad things. Perhaps wanting too much power at all costs.

Page Pentacles-Three Cauldrons-Ten Swords
= Not settling and going for it, celebration with friends and disappointment. Complying with other people’s ideas lead to defeat and ruin.

Fool-Seven Swords-Close = New schemes, taking more than is offered (no one thought you would pick Palin) and the close. This represents a spiritual death. Going against even your own beliefs.

FOUNDATION (What is really on McCain's Mind)
Page Cauldrons-Knight Swords-Nine Swords = Meditation and study, trying to figure what is going on? Being apprehensive because the person is an opportunist and worrying about this. It appears that McCain feels like Palin is taking his lime-light and he hates it.

Ace Pentacles-Five Swords-Four Pentacles = Path to attainment and perfection, though it will be temporary and may become humiliating. Possible defeat. This leads to hoarding of power. McCain takes his position back, after all he is the one running for President, not Palin.

HOW THE CARDS SEE MCCAIN (What type of person is he)
Ten Pentacles-Eight Rods-Strength = Finds security and love in his family, they bring him strength. (He really loves his Cindy). It indicates he is quick to respond and is on a journey. He is strong and will keep control.

Eight Cauldrons-World-Sun = Traveling onto something new. McCain’s strength was in moving on and not hanging on to his old beliefs. This has given him the World and the Sun. He has A LOT of power. This combination provides for a really tough and strong person and campaign, may be invincible.

ADVICE FOR JOHN MCCAIN(to becoming President)
Karma-Ace Swords-Nine Rods = Good behavior, doing the right thing, and liberation will lead to victory. By liberation, is getting away from something or someone who can be detrimental. He must stay on guard, maintain his position and be prepared for anything. Keep it cool, and calm, and don't lose control.

Close/Fool = The end of something forces Barack to seek a new quest. Possibly a spiritual quest tied to his beliefs.
Page Pentacles-Lovers = Strong desire to overcome through meditation and reflection. He is being put to the test right now. Learning to overcome.
Justice/Three Cauldrons = Righting a wrong, something good is coming out that will lead to a celebration. A problem will be solved.

Ace Rods-Knight Pentacles-Ace Swords = The beginning of a new strategy that will require persistence and patience. The ability to see this through completion will lead to victory.

Three Pentacles-Eight Swords-Two Pentacles = Learning to attain perfection. Some worry of failure and trying to balance home and work. A time for preparation.

FOUNDATION (What is on Barack’s Mind)
Fortuna-Four Cauldrons- Emperor = Feeling as if it could go good or bad and that it is not set yet. There are new possibilities and looking at taking a different approach to things. Leadership and power are what he is and must show. He will take the lead and make his point strongly and powerfullly.

Six Swords-Six Rods-Two Swords = Travel for diplomacy and discussion will bring victory. Though this will not change anything in the struggle with McCain, it will continue to be status-quo. It looks like some kind of deal is cut here, that will surely bring him eventual success. Though the polls show almost even, something will change that.

Nine Pentacles-Empress-King Cauldrons = Accomplishment and wealth through own doing. Attainment in anything he sets out to do. He is a true leader, who is decisive , intuitive and protective. immense intellect, excellent counselor, powerful and strong. The cards really see him as the PERFECT person to be in power and become President. (the top 3 leadership cards all belong to Barack Obama, wow!)

Magician-Ten Swords-Three Rods = His strength comes from having the ability to do anything and do it well. He is well organized and can do the impossible, and make it looks easy. He knows when to listen to people’s advice and take it and when not to. He makes his decision, launches his plan, and is very effective in getting the support he needs to see it through.

Queen Rods-Wise One-Knight Swords = There is a feminine person with light–colored hair and eyes who is loyal, sincere and charming that can give Barack Obama some excellent and practical advice. He needs practical advice, simplify things. Look beyond material gains and re-evaluate. Seek wisdom and truth, through truth will lead him to success. OPPOSE WAR and EVIL at all costs, show courage and strength. Be a conqueror not with war or evil, but with wisdom.

High Priestess-Seven Pentacles-King Swords = Becoming wise and all–knowing through very hard work. Waiting for rewards from hard work. Progress leads to becoming a high-ranking government official. One who perceives the facts without emotion. I don’t think this means victory. This could mean getting a high ranking position, but McCain is not in power, he is not the lead, someone else is. He knows what he has done and why he ended up in this situation. I don't see grief or disappointment, interesting.

Seven Cauldrons-Two Rods-High Priest = A number of possibilities become available and a decision is difficult. Focusing on a single goal will lead to ultimate success. At this point Barack has made the correct choices, and should not change his mind. This leads to becoming a ruler. Success in his endeavor leads to becoming an INSPIRATIONAL LEADER.

My overall impression is that McCain will do very well in the election and he is a good person. He may be hot headed, but deep down he really cares about our country. He is interested in commanding and being of a higher rank. Though there are some issues with Palin, soon he will gain his position and get back on track. What the cards revealed is that McCain is not going to be calling the shots as the leader of our free world. So this can mean that either he is indebted to someone for his win or he does not win.

When I saw Barack's final outcome, I was initially concerned as there is some sort of confusion, I can't imagine what that is, but it eventually leads to success. He uses much wisdom, reflection and skill through the next few weeks. Yes, there is some wheeling and dealing too. I can also say that it looks like this will not be a landslide victory. This leads to becoming the "High Priest", which I found so cool because it means he is not the man of the sword, but above him. He is inspirational and looked up to. My prediction according to the cards, is that Barack Obama will become our next President of the United States of America.

Note: This is what the tarot cards indicate as of now, there is always a chance of a drastic change which I missed, such as a withdrawal, but I doubt it. There were no tears or horror, so I am sure it means Barack Obama will win.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin, Born Feb 11th She Is "Justice Reversed". Represents Lies, Abuse and Prejudice.

The Republican convention really upset me because of all the lies. It seems to me the RNC can only win on a lie. I gathered some of the facts. There was also a woman (friend of Carly Fiorina) who indicated that the President of the US has no power over the free-choice issue, so even though she was with Hilary and believed in pro-choice, she is with McCain now. What she failed to note is that the President can chose the next 3 supreme court justices so far right that they will overturn Roe vs. Wade, and who knows what else in the name of GOD! and... I mean in the name of God as Governor Palin has tried to do so in her previous admininstrations.

Vetting VP
· McCain said they had vetted Palin for weeks, but the truth has surfaced and indicates that McCain made a quick harsh decision in one day, which is why all this crap is coming up about her. Palin has a 20% chance of becoming President of the US and they didn’t do a background check??? How scary is that, check out all that has come out about her below, here is the source about the vetting process: &

Reformer and Anti-Washington –Not!
· On Governor Palin being a reformer and anti-Washington. Complete BS, here is information about her earmarks and taxes in her own state –

o 1st ever mayor to bring big politics to a small town ($27M for a town of 9K):

o Real Tax Plans:

Gods Mission and Women’s Issues
· On free choice, banning of books in library, no sex ed in schools and cut funding for teenage pregnant mothers:

o Banning Books- &,8816,1837918,00.html ,

o Cut Fundiing- ,

o Oppose sex-ed-

o anti-choice even in cases of rape and incest-

o Palin on US being the Gods army to bring the message in Iraq and across the world and Jewish are the enemies of Christians: videos about the Jews (was taken off line yesterday).

o Opposes the use of birth control and condoms -

· Does not believe global warming is contributed by man, sued to remove the polar bear from endangered species because it will interfere with oil industry efforts:

o Global warming - .

o On polar bears -
o On drilling liabilities -
o Arial Hunting using government funds to educate people but won’t help teenage mothers??? -

Lies About Obama:
· Said Obama has never authored a bill or law. LIES!

o First Obama bill was passed into law back in October 2006, signed by Bush:

o Senator Obama has sponsored or co-sponsored 570 bills in the 109th and 110th Congress.

o Senator Obama has sponsored or co-sponsored 15 bills that have become LAW since he joined the Senate in 2005.

o Senator Obama has also introduced amendments to 50 bills, of which 16 were adopted by the Senate. Details for all 3 -

o Really good visual of the type of bills he has introduces and voted on -

o Obama will cut taxes for people making under $250K (about 95% of the population) and increase on those making over $650 (attached is the pic) while McCain cuts it for the top with minimal cuts at the bottom.

o Voting record, Obama missed 45% of votes :

o Here is McCain’s record, he missed 68% of votes-

· This is why there are so many rumors about her covering up her daughters pregnancy, taking her daughter out of school because of mono for 5-8 months during the time of Trig’s birth.

o Palin really poor judgment:


· She has a track record going back to when she was mayor of a town of 7K.

o Of course there is “Troopergate”, abuse of power trying to fire her x-brother in-law. McCain attorney’s trying to stall because the evidence appears to be compelling. Decision is due October 31st, could be detrimental to the Republicans right before election:

o Palin on ethics, firing those who did not support her (never heard of in a small town):

o Attempted recall due to the firings -

o Lying about the “bridge to nowhere”, which she supported until it became a joke -

Money spent on senseless failing programs. Granted she was new to this and is probably learning, but has she learned enough to be President of the US in just 2 years being Governor of the least populated state of the union? Absolutely no foreign policy experience. Only traveled abroad once in 2007.
o Dairygate -

o Leaving town with $20M debt -
o Quote about not prepared by own Alaskan colleagues -

This is just some of the stuff, there is a lot more, but I only picked the ones that I felt were important and I sources for.