Monday, October 26, 2009

What Do the Cards Say About Health Care Reform and A Public Option for America?

This reading is difficult to decipher, because I am trying to interpret a policy/bill not a person. Let me delve into it and explain what the cards say.

The unknown (fortuna) is behind us, so it is certain that health care reform with a public option is coming. Currently it looks very good for a public option, obviously with Harry Reid's inclusion today, October 26, 2009. The initial outcome is very good today, but what is next? Will it get watered down more? What are we really getting in the end?

The near outcome (few weeks) show only swords, but not a blood bath. Interesting it appears that people are staying firm with swords in hand and will not let up. That may be a good sign.

This health care reform is seen as a wish that will take a complete change and there is some worry about failure. I think this is the worry about political campaign funds for some senators. The strengths of this reform are a detrimental change, like nothing we have seen before. Though this will come with a huge battle and a total move to something different, it may also be seen as not acceptable. So its not a Medicare Type E option, it has to be a unique innovative solution.

A strategy is needed but that will take a battle. To win this battle the health care reform supporters must concentrate on the past to show what is at stake. There will be some help coming from a powerful source, new supporters, possibly a new angle.

Final outcome: Ace Cauldrons, Temptation and Knight of Pentacles.

Humanity will win over corporations. It shows the dawning of a new joy and beginning tied to people. Darn insurance companies will be unbelievably tough and the temptation to fall will be even stronger! The result brings a very new, fresh system that is methodical and has the ability for success.

I think this will be good. I was worried because of all the negative rhetoric, but I think this is actually being carefully looked at and will be one of the best bills that comes out of congress ever. It will not be a catch all, but it will have the ability to change and accommodate what the American people need in the future.