Friday, July 23, 2010's Original Vision is Fulfilled Providing a Safe Place for Those Seeking Solutions to Life’s Problems through Tarot

The unique website that offers a safe, interactive and magical place for tarot, spells and horoscopes, has just launched a major release that brings SpellSpace to its original vision. Members can now use the virtual My Cards that allows them to explore many different decks, email a card of the day to a friend or write their thoughts about a card. Demo the Medieval Scapini deck for free through the end of July. Anyone who has purchased decks from the SpellStore automatically have their virtual deck activated.

The Tarot Readings, recommended Incantations and Tarot Rooms® were enhanced for ease-of-use and offer more in-depth solutions for each individual situation. Guests receive a complete relevant Spell Kit, Talisman or Potion recommendation based on their personal tarot reading that can be purchased from the integrated SpellStore®. These recommended products are beautifully packaged and were created from ancient beliefs which rely on aroma therapy and ritual. The new Talismans are uniquely SpellSpace they include dried herbs that are mixed and added into a little pendant charm that the person carries. Guests can save, annotate and share their readings to evaluate how their life is progressing, and these services are still completely free.

SpellSpace is offering 15% off all tarot cards through end of July (coupon: MYCARDS0710). Spend $24.99 and get Free Premium membership for 1 month (coupon: FREEJULY) and spend over $100 and get free shipping.

Rave reviews commending the ease-of-use, comprehensive services, and warm tarot experience continue to come in. Some believe that SpellSpace’s readings have kept them healthy by anticipating events and counteracting them with its marvelous products. Anyone can get a Tarot Reading anytime by clicking on the second candle on top. Must log in to get a reading so that all the features are accessible.

View all the features in this video below or access a pictorial view at